Just War vs Pacifism

25 11 2014

Hauerwas-BiggarOne hundred years after the beginning of WWI, Nigel Biggar and Stanley Hauerwas debate whether war can ever be justified.  Listen to their discussion from 8th November on Premier Christian Radio’s show Unbelievable?

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Assisted dying: What to think?

18 11 2014

FalconersBillProtestNigel Biggar on objections to the legalisation of assisted suicide for the terminally ill

See Biggar’s article in the Church Times


Care, not killing; disabled people hold a demonstration against Lord Falconer’s Bill outside the House of Lords last summer

Scottish independence seems like a false god

8 09 2014

Scottish independence seems like a false godChurch Times, 05 Sep 2014

Breaking up the UK would not help anyone, argues Nigel Biggar

IN A COUPLE of weeks’ time, on 18 September, the residents of Scotland will vote whether or not to leave the United Kingdom (Comment, 2 November 2012, 14 March 2014; Paul Vallely 29 August). One way or another, the outcome will affect all of us on these islands.

The Churches in Scotland have remained officially neutral, readying themselves for the work of reconciliation which will be needed to tackle the bitter disappointment that the referendum’s verdict is bound to generate.

Individual Christians, on the other hand, have ranged themselves on opposing sides of the debate. I am among them. As an Anglo-Scot, I am a visceral supporter of the Union between England and Scotland, and an opponent of Scottish separation. I am not impartial. Nevertheless, as a Christian, I have a duty to test my convictions against the moral implications of my faith. Read the rest of this entry »

Scottish independence: a faith without sufficient reason

1 09 2014
Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond: Where’s the substance?

by Nigel Biggar

“Scottish independence is a solution in search of a problem. Rather than the cogent conclusion of a rigorous analysis of particular woes afflicting the Scottish people, it’s an article of faith.

That’s why supporters of a Yes vote in September 18th’s referendum struggle to make a clear profit out of the empirical data, why they are wont to distort history, and why they so often react to criticism by tackling the man and not the ball. It’s also why the latest policies of the separatists — to keep the Queen, the pound, and membership of NATO — are so opportunistic.”

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Registration Open: In Defence of War?

5 05 2014




Podcast: “How Much is Enough? The Love of Money and the Case for the Good Life”

22 04 2014

SkidelskyBookIn this McDonald Centre conference, Robert and Edward Skidelsky debate their controversial book about work, wealth, and human well-being with Rowan Williams, Cecile Fabre, John Thanassoulis, and other theologians, philosophers, economists and journalists.

Lecture Series Podcast

Yes, war can be just

28 03 2014

And just war reasoning is as sound as ever


“In a recent column here at The Week, Damon Linker responded to my book In Defence of War by concluding that ‘just war thinking, even at its very best, is an intellectual, moral, and theological fraud.'”

Read Nigel Biggar’s response to Damon Linker’s critique in The Week.


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