The Fable of Liberalism (Cambridge)

On Friday, 5 October, John Perry will speak in the University of Cambridge at the third annual Balzan-Skinner Colloquium. A keynote lecture, which provides the focus for the day, will be given by Tim Stanton, of York University, entitled The Fable of Liberalism.

Perry’s paper will be Liberalism and the Birth of Public Reason. Other participants include Sarah Mortimer, Mark Goldie, Jeffrey Collins, and Ian Harris.

For full details, visit the website of Cambridge’s Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities.

New Book: Perry’s Pretenses of Loyalty

John Perry’s book, The Pretenses of Loyalty, was published this summer by Oxford University Press. It is now available from Amazon USA and Amazon UK.

The book was recently featured by the journal Political Theology.


“This elegant and tightly-reasoned tract offers a striking new reading of John Locke’s theories of church and state, religion and politics, conscience and command. Though Locke is often seen solely as a secular prophet of modern liberalism, Perry shows that he is also a subtle political theologian who saw the need to harmonize our spiritual and temporal loyalties in public and private life. If Perry is right on Locke, our conventional constitutional histories and political theories will need ample revision, and Perry shows us the way.”—John Witte, Center for the Study of Law & Religion, Emory University

“Have you ever wondered whether it’s possible for a liberal democratic state to accommodate all the diverse loyalties of its citizens, especially all their diverse religious  Continue reading