Political Community Workshop, Aberdeen

communityOn 25-26 June 2013, the Centre for Citizenship, Civil Society and Rule of Law at the University of Aberdeen will host a workshop on Political Community, featuring the McDonald Centre’s John Perry.

Other speakers include Hanna Lerner (Politics, Tel Aviv), Sian Lazar (Anthropology, Cambridge), Ajay Gudavarthy (Politics, Nehru University), Nigel Dower (Philosophy, Aberdeen), and Tamas Gyorfi (Law, Aberdeen).

Notions of political community are implicit in many or most contemporary debates – academic and public – of citizenship, civil society and rule of law, as well as of democracy, multiculturalism and human rights. But they are seldom made explicit and subject to analysis and reflection. Having debated and discussed aspects of citizenship, civil society and rule of law in a series of events since our founding in 2009, we have identified political community as a topic that crosscuts the three but which we have yet to comprehend fully.

The workshop is free to attend, including food. View the programme for full details, including registration instructions. The event is coordinated by Dr Trevor Stack.

Patriotism Conference, 19 May 2012

On 19 May 2012, Nigel Biggar will speak at a University of Manchester conference entitled:

Loyalty, Identity and Cohesion in a Religiously and Culturally Differentiated Nation

The conference is organized by Manchester’s Lincoln Theological Institute, as part of their ongoing series, Reconsidering Civil Society. By asking how national loyalty might be understood in a religiously plural nation, the conference aims to achieve greater clarity over whether or not the revivification of Patriotism is warranted and what might be new in a revitalised Patriotism.

The conference (including lunch) is free, but registration is required. To register or to view the full programme, visit the conference website.

Big Society, Bigger Nature?

The McDonald Centre is sponsoring an exciting conference at the University of Manchester entitled Big Society, Bigger Nature? Speakers come from across the disciplines, but include theologians like John Milbank, Esther Reed, Luke Bretherton and Jonathan Chaplin. The one-day event will address important questions about the Big Society and wider Nature that have not yet been raised, including:

  • How does the Big Society acknowledge its dependence on a wider Nature?
  • Can the Big Society restrain the anti-ecological practices of the modern state?
  • Are we free, as humans, to volunteer Nature as a participant in the Big Society?
  • What is the relationship between civil society and economic markets?
  • Will attention to civil society obscure the moral responsibilities of the modern state?
  • Should citizenship trump participation in the Big Society?
  • What is the relevance of Catholic Social Teaching to the Big Society?

The conference is October 1. For full details, visit the conference website.

The Modern State & the Kingdom of God

The following conference announcement comes from our friends at the Las Casas Institute for Ethics, Governance, and Social Justice here in Oxford:

The Modern State and the Kingdom of God
29th October 2011
This one-day colloquium will draw together lawyers, politicians, and theologians. We will examine key features of the modern state, the rule of law and the participation of the people, as we seek to understand the state and interpret it through the lens of the kingdom of God.

Morning: The Law and the Modern State

Talk 1: The Rule of Law – Prof. Julian Rivers
Talk 2: Rights and Duties – Prof. Christopher McCrudden
Talk 3: A Theological Response – Dr Joan Lockwood O’Donovan

Afternoon: Participation and Representation in the Modern State

Talk 4: Civil Society
Talk 5: Building Democracy – Dr Jon Cruddas M.P.
Talk 6: Theological Response – Prof. Bernd Wannenwetsch

Organization for this event is led by the Halley-Stewart scholars Robert Heimburger and Marcos Medina. The colloquium will run from 9.30am to 5pm, and attendance will be by invitation. Registration (to cover buffet lunch): £10 waged; £5 student/unwaged. To request an invitation, please email pa-lascasas@bfriars.ox.ac.uk.