Oh, What a Lovely War?

20 01 2014

Oh, What a Lovely War?Lecture Series, Hilary Term 2014

Jeremy Paxman, Great Britain’s Great War

Margaret MacMillan, Accident or Choice? The Outbreak of the First World War

Gary Sheffield, Victorious Donkeys? British Generals and Generalship of
the First World War Reconsidered

Nigel Biggar, 1914–1918: Was Britain Right to Fight?

Matthew Grimley, The War and English Religion

Holger Afflerbach, “If you do not want to see God’s hand in everything,
even in the most unbearable, you are lost.” Experiencing the First World War
Alongside Kaiser Wilhelm II

Michael Gove on Britain’s Involvement in the First World War

8 01 2014
Michael Gove

Michael Gove

Last week Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education, published a controversial article in The Daily Mail, decrying left-wing denigration of Britain’s involvement in the First World War. In it he praised Nigel Biggar’s “superb essay” in the September issue of Standpoint magazine. You may find Mr. Gove’s article here. And Nigel Biggar’s essay here.

Accepting Applications for Two Post-doctoral Fellowships

11 12 2013

The Faculty of Theology and Religion in the University of Oxford wishes to appoint the following:

Applications must be submitted by the University’s online application system no later than 12.00 noon on Thursday 16 January 2014.

Damian McBride: A Cautionary Tale

7 12 2013
What values did Damian McBride receive at Peterhouse, Cambridge?

What values did Damian McBride receive at Peterhouse, Cambridge?

STANDPOINT.  December 2013

In his latest STANDPOINT article, Nigel Biggar questions the “exaggerated regard for the freedom of the individual” in modern liberal society.  Biggar observes that radical moral individualism, when combined with multiculturalist ideology, tends to make institutions “morally tongue-tied.”  He insists that institutions, including British universities, must be able to own, to articulate, and to promote “common moral norms upon which their healthy functioning depends.”

Keble Theology Workshop

26 11 2013

In Defence of War?Keble Theology Workshop
A workshop with Nigel Biggar

with responses from

Esther Reed
Assoc. Prof. of Theology and Director, Network for Religion in Public Life, University of Exeter

Dapo Akande
UL in Public International Law and Co-Director, Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict

Tuesday 3 December, 5.00 p.m.
The Pusey Room, Keble College, Oxford

Nigel Biggar’s provocative new book argues a just war position supporting aggressive war in punishment of grave injustice, even if it may be in transgression of positive international law. He will be articulating his view initially in debate with Christian ethicist Esther Reed and international lawyer Dapo Akande, and then in response to questions from the floor.

This event is open to all, but numbers are limited to 60: please book early by email (one for each person attending) to KebleTheology@gmail.com.  All are welcome to stay for drinks after the workshop (6.30 p.m.).

Sponsored by Hursley Theological Society, Keble College

The TORCH Book Series

15 11 2013

Torch Book SeriesIn Defence of War by Nigel Biggar

Wednesday 27th November 2013, 1-2 pm
Seminar Room, Radcliffe Humanities Building, Woodstock Road

With a short discussion from 1:10pm to 1:40pm.
Discussants: Professor Sir Hew Strachan (History), Dr Joshua Hordern (Theology) and
Dr Tom Simpson (Philosophy and Public Policy).

A light lunch will be provided. All welcome.

For information about future TORCH Book Series events please visit: www.torch.ox.ac.uk/event/book-launch

Conflict: a moral imperative?

3 11 2013

Conflict - Veritas ForumJust war and humanitarian intervention

Professor Nigel Biggar and The Rt Hon Clare Short (Former Secretary of State for International Development) will be speaking at this year’s Veritas Forum, on the topic of Conflict: a moral imperative? Just war and humanitarian intervention.

The Forum will be at 7.30pm on Thursday 14 November (fifth week) in the Garden Auditorium at St John’s College. All welcome.

For more information, visit www.veritas.org/oxford


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