About Us

Welcome to the website of the McDonald Centre for Theology, Ethics, and Public Life.  We are a research institute at the University of Oxford dedicated both to fostering understanding of the right shaping of moral and public life through the resources of Christian ethical and political thought, and to refining the latter through close engagement with current public issues.  We aim to do so in charitable and candid conversation with other traditions of theological and philosophical thought.

The Centre fosters collaboration both between theology and other disciplines, and between academia and those who shape public deliberation and policy.  Into its discussions it draws scholars of high repute from around the world, as well as public figures of distinction. Through publishing the research it supports, the Centre communicates to academic, church, and wider public audiences.

The work of the Centre responds to a growing awareness that engagement with carefully articulated moral and political theology can contribute richly to the flourishing of institutions and individuals within liberal democracies.

Based at Christ Church, Oxford, the Centre is generously supported by the McDonald Agape Foundation.



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