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London ChurchPublic interest in religion is now higher than it has been for decades. The reason for this is not just alarm at religiously motivated violence. Long before 9/11 there was a growing awareness that some forms of religion have important resources of moral understanding, formation, and motivation that liberal democracies need.

The McDonald Centre at the University of Oxford supports advanced research on the contribution of Christian theological traditions to the understanding and shaping of moral life—and especially moral issues of public concern—in conversation, at once charitable and candid, with other traditions of religious and philosophical thought. The Centre fosters collaboration both between theology and other disciplines, and between academia and those who shape public deliberation and policy. Into its discussions it will draw scholars of high repute from around the world, as well as public figures of distinction. In publishing the research that it supports, the Centre addresses academic, church, and wider public audiences.

Founded in 2008, the Centre is generously supported by the McDonald Agape Foundation.


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